Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Explosive Blaupunkt

A while ago I was given a massive Blaupunkt 82-108 C VT Multi PIP. It was pretty old (pre digital) and I was interested to see how it would perform as a MAME monitor. It sat in the hallway for weeks because it was too heavy for me to move by myself. Eventually, I got some help to move it into the lounge room and plugged it in. The screen came on and I saw snow (always a good sign!) However, a minute lately the back of the TV started sparking and something definitely "popped". Bummer.

The worse part was carrying the behemoth back down the stairs and taking it to the dump. My back (and my girlfriend's) will probably complain tomorrow!

Tight squeeze!
You know what they say: "big telly, big sticker."

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