Friday, 27 January 2012

SCART crimes

My girlfriend was riding her bike down a lane way the other night and saw something I might be interested in: a neat little Blaupunkt telly! She SMSed me and, of course, I checked it out ASAP. Unfortunately, this beauty had been treated rough. Too battered for me to be bothered with, I have to admit. I just can't love a CRT that has scratched glass right in the middle of the screen. This poor thing had been placed face down on the concrete... ouch!

It really kills me that people don't (if it works) a) donate their used TVs to charity stores or, b) sell them on eBay. And if it doesn't work, c) take it to the tip! It doesn't belong on the street, you pigs!

Back sticker

Face down, eating concrete

Look at those connections!

Ouch! My poor face!

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