Monday, 16 January 2012

Found: 1 × Blaupunkt television!

I was driving to a coffee shop this morning when I spied a lovely looking TV on the nature strip, not far from where I live. Even though I was only able to quickly glance across the road (I was driving) I could tell from the black finish and stylish design that it wasn't your average Panasonic or Sony. I made a U-turn at the next available opportunity and took a look. To my astonishment it was Blaupunkt in tip-top condition! Along side it was a bag of cables (S-video, RCA, broken PlayStation controller, etc.) and an LG DVD player. I took the bag and machine with me and collected the TV on the way back from the cafe.

I always prepare myself for disappointment when I get a new TV. There are so many performance variables (colour, focus, stability, etc.) and capability variables (artifacts, refresh rates, lines, etc.) that often let a television down. This time, however, I got lucky! I've only done a quick test so far but the image is excellent and I have high hopes for the compatibility since it appears to be a Grundig chassis (based on what the OSD looks like).

Can't wait to polish it up and then put it through its paces!

Blaupunkt, LG DVD player and assorted cables

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