Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nordmende anyone?!

Saw something interesting during my daily travels today: an old Nordmende Spectra-Stereo 8208 L television!
Made in West Germany! Oh yeah!
 This brand certainly isn't mainstay in Australia and I've only ever seen one other example before (also on the side of the street). Unfortunately, this particular unit was showing signs of having spent a lot of time out in the weather so I resisted the temptation to stuff into into the boot of the car. This TV had a really interesting look about it. Kind of grey/gold colour and a really cool little badge stuck on the front:

Spectra Color
I'd love to know if anyone has tried running using a TV by Nordmende for MAME purposes. Speak up!

Full frontal
Rear view
Filthy dirty SCART socket

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