Thursday, 23 August 2012

For sale: Sony KV-C27... king of SCART!

Hey pals... I'm moving house currently and need to let some of my SCART treasures go. Breaks my heart but my situation is a little shaky at the moment and I need to make life a little easier for myself by basically having less "stuff".

For sale on eBay is my prized Sony KV-C27. This thing is absolutely killer! Check out some of the extreme close ups I've posted below and then go bid here!


Chun Li

Title screen
For more details, read here.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Road trippin'

This must have looked pretty funny to other travellers on the road yesterday! My mate Rob carted away some SCART relate goodies for our combined CRT future fund...

Hatch backs rule for CRT freaks
Grundig as passenger! Sanyo on the floor
Boxed chassis piled in the back

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Siemens up close

Handed the mega Siemens FS 247 V6 over to a worthy recipient today.

With two grown men on the job the stair climb wasn't too bad. We opened up the casing and cleaned out years of dust with my trusty air compressor. Discovered some interesting repair work that involves some funky trace patching. Guess this thing got too hot for its own good somewhere along the line!

Fiddled with the focus pot a bit and wiped down the screen. This TV really is pretty exceptional: huge visible area and lovely image quality.

Anyway, it's on its way to a new home now! Lucky for this TV it'll have a second life instead of heading to land fill.

Siemens FS 247 V6
Rear view
Multi colour SCART ports!
Patched traces
Toshiba A76KJJ96X08
Rainbow Islands
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
R-Type Leo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Super Siemens!

Spotted a Siemens for free on Gumtree last week. The ad said it was 26" so I was expecting a Philips A66 tube type model, just like the others Siemens I've seen. There was no photo in the Gumtree ad so you can imagine my surprise when I went to the owner's house and saw the size of this thing! It was fortunate that the bubbly women giving the TV away was up for a bit of heavy lifting. Despite my enthusiasm there's just no way I could have got this thing out of the building, through the garden and into the car by myself!

Once home, I managed to move it into the foyer by lonesome but getting it up the stairs and into the apartment was completely out of the question! I got it to the first step and then gave up. Even a 84cm Metz isn't as heavy as this beast. I got one of them up the stairs by myself but this Siemens is just a whole other level of spinal destruction.

My neighours probably think I'm crazy because I setup my PC in the stairwell and fired up the TV. I even left it running for a few hours to see if was stable or not...

PC and TV in the communal stair well!
Siemens FS 247 V6 (chassis CS 9202)
Ghouls'n Ghosts
Golden Axe
The picture quality is surprisingly good for such a huge screen. What's especially nice is that the non-100 Hz Grundig chassis inside doesn't have any of the annoying image artifacts that later jumbo TVs (such as the 84cm models by Loewe, Grundig and Metz that I've tried) have. Very nice!

This one is too big for me to keep but I'd definitely reccomend this chassis and tube combination for anyone after a monster CRT.

I'll try to upload some internal shots if I'm ever able to get it inside the house...