Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Refurbishing an SNK LS-30 Joystick

Refurbishing an SNK LS-30 Joystick


Before (top)
Before (side)
  1. Before dismantling the joystick, clean the unit thoroughly with compressed air.
  2. Clean with compressed air
  3. Remove the four top screws (14 mm long) from the mounting plate. Place the screws in a small container for safe keeping.
    Screws removed form mounting plate
    1. Lift off the mounting plate.
      Mounting plate removed
      1. Remove the two screws (7.75 mm long) from the side that hold the restrictor arm in place. Be careful not to lose the two small split washers (M3).
        Side restrictor screws removed
        1. Remove the top restrictor.
          Top restrictor removed
          1. Remove the four screws (11.5 mm long, M3) from the bottom of the joystick assembly.
            Bottom screws removed
          2. Slide off the metal joystick frame.
            Joystick frame removed
            1. Remove the four screws (7.75 mm long, M3) that hold the white joystick restrictor in place.
              Shaft restrictor screws removed
              1. Lift off the white joystick restrictor.
                Shaft restrictor removed
                1. Removed the four screws from the metal plate.
                  Screws removed from plate
                2. Lift off the metal plate.
                  Metal plate removed
                  1. Remove the four Matsushita AH76515 microswitches.
                    Microswitches remove
                    1. Carefully remove the circlip from the top of the shaft.
                      Top circlip removed
                      1. Lift off the black plastic shaft cover.
                        Black shaft cover removed
                        1. Lift off the white plastic shoulder washer.
                          White plastic shoulder washer removed
                          1. Lift off the yellow base.
                            Yellow base removed
                            1. Lift out the metal washer from the center of the yellow base.
                              Metal washer removed
                              1. Push out the white plastic shoulder washer from the centre of the yellow base.
                                Plastic washer removed
                                1. Lift the flat white plastic washer from the shaft.
                                  White washer removed from shaft
                                  1. Lift off the metal spring.
                                    Spring removed
                                    1. Carefully remove the circlip (M11) from the base of the shaft.
                                      Circlip removed
                                      1. Unscrew the metal shaft cover and then slide off.
                                        Metal shaft cover removed
                                        1. Remove the tension washer from the base of the shaft.
                                          Tension washer removed
                                        2. Remove the large bottom restrictor from the base.
                                          Bottom restrictor removed
                                        3. Carefully straighten the four tabs on the base.
                                          Tabs straightened
                                        4. Remove the shaft from the base by pulling the back metal tab with pliers.
                                        5. Shaft and base separated
                                          1. Remove the small circlip from the base of the shaft.
                                            Circlip removed from shaft base

                                          Cleaning and refurbishing

                                          • If quick disconnects are to be used with the joystick, remove all solder from microswitch tabs before flattening them with pliers.
                                          • Scrub all rust from metal parts using fine steel wool.
                                          • Wash all plastic parts with cold soapy water. Use a toothbrush to scrub all dirt and grime off.


                                          1. Place the green and black base on a flat surface. Face the 13 pins upwards. 
                                          2. Place stainless steel restrictor plate over brass shaft. The 13 pins should be facing upwards and the oval shaft downwards. 
                                          3. Add the tension washer. 
                                          4. Thread the shaft over the top.
                                          5. Place the circlip on top.
                                          6. Slide the spring over the shaft.
                                          7. Place the flat plastic washer over the shaft and on top of the spring.
                                          8. Clip the rimmed plastic washer into the seat of the yellow base.
                                          9. Place the stainless steel washer on top of the rimmed plastic washer. Flat side downwards.
                                          10. Place the white plastic boot on top of the stainless steel washer. Narrow end facing upwards.
                                          11. Place the three items over the shaft.
                                          12. Place the black plastic spacer over the shaft.
                                          13. Push the black plastic spacer downwards and attach the other circlip.
                                          14. Insert the 4 microswitches. Levers towards shaft.
                                          15. Snap the rounded top plate into position.
                                          16. Screw the four large screws into the outside holes.
                                          17. Screw the white plastic joystick restrictor into place.
                                          18. Slide the joystick frame over the yellow base.
                                          19. Screw into place with four screws from beneath.
                                          20. Screw the angled plate with pin restrictor to the side of the large joystick frame. Make sure the pin is within the bottom restrictor hoop before screwing into place.

                                          Finished Product