Monday, 20 May 2013

Grab yourself an Extron!

Picked up an Extron RGB 201 Rxi from eBay last week.

This unit was recommended to me as a way of centering the picture horizontally on my Blaupunkt which doesn't actually feature a H position pot on the chassis.

This crafty little unit only cost me $20 but it can do some amazing things! Firstly, it does the desired H position control very well. There is a HUGE range of adjustment available. There is also a V position control that shifts the image up or down one scanline at a time. Really cool. As a bonus, there is a Level Boost pot and a Peak Control.

The Level Boost is really cool for controlling how dark the scanlines are. With the control up high, the image tends to saturate and bleed. With the control down low, the scanlines are far more defined. Neat!

Extron RGB 201 Rxi
The unit also features a horizontal and vertical frequency readout on the front LCD. Very cool for confirming that your GroovyMAME modelines are delivering what they advertise:

Horizontal and vertical frequency readout
Around the back, the unit features RGBHV on BNC connectors. It can also run RGBS meaning that I can possibly ditch my UMSA adapter in the future (provided I make up a BNC to SCART cable).

Overall, a very cool tool for those that are running native res and refresh. Highly recommended!

Street Fighter III looking seriously awesome after Extron tweaking

Thursday, 16 May 2013

SOLD! Sony KV-C27 going REAL cheap!


I have a knocked about Sony KV-C27 sitting in my lounge room (in Melbourne, Australia) that I need to get rid of in a hurry. It was promised to another avid retrogamer but he can no longer collect it due to personal hardship.

If you're local and want to get your hands on a killer SCART television for retrogaming purposes, get in touch! I really need to move this sucker and want it to go to a good home.

The Gumtree ad is here.

For more on the Sony KV-C27, check out Rob's excellent video here.

The following screenshots show the actual unit in action:

Golden Axe

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Metal Slug

Street Fighter II
MAME menu
Windows desktop

Chassis... again!
Case damage
Internal trim pots
More internal trim pots

Monday, 13 May 2013

B&O for sale: $100,000.00

I found this on eBay today. This has got to be the funniest eBay listing ever:

B&O LX 5500
$100,000.00! Hmm, last one I bought cost $20!

Bang & Olufsen Beovision LX 5500 & matching VCR. Stunning condition. 1992.

Funky!! Comes with digital reception box/beolink 1000

This was given to me by a friend that bought a plasma......  BORING!!!!!  B&O plasmas are stunning.  Their LCD's are not so good (everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have an Avant and I think the picture kills LCD - grab one secondhand if you can.  (The sound is STUNNING, basically the same as 2 beoalb 4000's, it's crazy that they are going so cheap now, why do you need a flat-screen unless you are wall mounting, mine is in a corner, so who cares??)

I absolutely LOVE it, but unfortunately enough televisions.  Stunning piece of functional design.

This thing was the Shite in its day.  The sound is absolutely stunning.   I watched the voice on it the other day on the white beauty. 
That Delta woman I tell you is a musical genius like Joel (pass the bucket.)  She has a nice soprano voice though.

You can connect your CD or iPhone or airport through it.  I have had my phone playing music through it.
I took the speaker covers off it and it has some meaty woofers and tweeters on each side.

It looks like something out of the ski lodge in 'The Shining'.  It looks CRAZAY!!!!  The design is just stunning.  One for all you retro freaks.

It would look stunning in a warehouse, or a hairdressing salon playing film clips etc.

I have had it set up at my place, and everyone comes in & comments or laughs or says WTF??  It really is a collectible piece.

Motorized stand & VCR (not sure how to use, I just hooked up the digital box & that's it.

Picture quality is great.  Tube is still excellent, as the person that gave it to me wasn't a big piglet couch potata that sat on the couch all day watching Judge Judy & dr Phil / County Practice & bold & the Beautiful etc).  That episode was in this sexyWhite Fang's vintage.  I think she has had a bit of surgery since then. 
........ Ridge..... "Close your eyes & blow"  ... Bit dodge.  That women looks like something from The Dark Crystal now.  I have never said that to anyone.  How upfront. 
All the young ones now probably say it 3 times a week on the first date after one sugar crap drink.  SHUDDER!!!!  Funny.....  Go JUDY!!  PSYCHO!!!  Episode about fake HOOTERS!!  PRHOOAAR!!!

Speaking of fake hooters -
It's a real shame how drugs and booze destroy people lives.  She was a bit of a fox in the early 90's, then went to absolute trailor park shite with her addictions and bizarre behavior.

Enough yapping & Judy Judy for now.  I'm off to watch Days of our lives......

If you are interested, feel welcome to make an offer.  I have no idea of value as it is a bit eccentric. 

The good old days...... (family)

I can deliver and set up for no expense (inner Melbourne.)