Monday, 13 August 2012

Road trippin'

This must have looked pretty funny to other travellers on the road yesterday! My mate Rob carted away some SCART relate goodies for our combined CRT future fund...

Hatch backs rule for CRT freaks
Grundig as passenger! Sanyo on the floor
Boxed chassis piled in the back


  1. Hey mate, I was wondering if you knew of any external devices to control geometry settings? Just got myself a PVM and don't really fancy opening it up and adjusting the PCB every time I plug in a new console.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Nah, I've never heard of such a device...

    Does your PVM have pots inside that control the geometry? If so, you can create extension cables and mount the pots into the casing so they can be externally adjusted (like I did with my Blaunpunkt). Should be easy with a PVM because of their symmetrical design.

    What model PVM is it?

  3. I've got a PVM 2130QM, it has the pots on the inside but I don't want to be pulling the case off every time I switch systems. My RGB N64 is utterly perfect on this set, Saturn too. It's just the SNES and the PS2 at this point that shift the whole picture to the left.

    I was looking at this device, would give me some control over horizontal and vertical shift but not amplitude:

    External geometry controls would be amazingly helpful, however I have next to no electronic technical skills. I bought a soldering iron and will attempt my first project soon (custom cable). From memory you live pretty close to me (we've emailed in the past), how much would you charge for something similar to what you did with your Blaupunkt?

  4. Interesting!

    I'd do the work for free if you can find the Service Manual (to work out what value pots are needed), pay for the components (pots and cable), can accept the (very slight) risk of damage and allow me to take some photos of the operation so that I can post here.

    Sounds like fun!

  5. Got the service manual from one of those extortion manual archive sites haha.

    Photos arn't an issue, email me we'll work out a day/time and how much beer you will require as payment for your services.