Saturday, 4 February 2012

Free Grundig and bag of nectarines!

Seeing as I'm on a mission to slim down my SCART TV collection I deleted all my saved eBay searches and told myself I'd have a 1 month moratorium on the acquisition of new TVs. Problem was that when I went to the Gumtree website to see if I could advertise some of my units there, I discovered someone giving away a vintage Grundig! I couldn't resist!

So, last night after work I went for a half hour drive down the coast and headed up into the hills. The countryside was really pretty and the weather was fantastic which made for a very enjoyable trip. When I arrived, I couldn't believe how scenic the place was:

Admiring the scenery
The folks giving away the TV where really sweet and insisted I take a few other things (keyboard, DVI cable, some brand new VHS tapes) and also a bag of home-grown, organic nectarines! Yum!

Fuel for alert gaming
Now, for the main attraction! The TV itself is a Grundig ST 70-460 S/text with a CUC 4635 chassis.

The small print
"I am Grundig."
The extremely dusty chassis
Street Fighter II up and running
The owner said that one of the speakers didn't work. When I pulled the back case off I found that the non-working speaker simply had a loose plug. Unfortunately, the so-called "working" speaker had a rubber surround that had completely perished. However, the speaker system is a 2-way (unusual) and there is also 4-ohm output for external speakers!

One minus is that the remote refuses to talk. Gonna have to see if my Logitech universal remote will drive this telly.

Most importantly, the image looks awesome! Great geometry, focus and color. The picture is really solid (no jitter or waviness) and the older Phillips screen has a lovely soft look that is probably more arcade authentic than the later model Phillips I'm used to.

Keen to clean this baby up and put it through its paces!

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