Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Well, that explains things...

So, it turns out that the warped image that my universal chassis was showing is due to an incompatibility between the Sharp Image chassis and the Phillips tube that I paired it with. Boo hoo! That means that comparing the Blaupunkt and Sharp Image isn't really a fair contest since the Sharp Image is working with a monitor it doesn't like. Here's what Joey from Jomac had to say:

"Mate honestly that picture looks awful , I know exactly what's causing it but it's not something I can do remotely or without the same tube here , I wouldn't be happy with that either the way it is. , fortunately it's not a issue with most tubes , for some reason it only appears on some of the Euro types with moulded yokes but still not all , I think you would have heard by now if this was a general issue."

I guess that means that the images I posted aren't really indicative of how these chassis usually operate. It also means that I'm out of luck in when it comes to a universal chassis.

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