Sunday, 12 February 2012

Grundig in Blaupunkt

Today I cleaned up the mess I made on Saturday and then did some more tinkering. After my experiment yesterday with tube swapping, I couldn't get over how good my ancient analog Grundig looked with the Loewe CT1170 Phillips tube attached. So, I got to work and mounted the Loewe tube in a cool looking black case from a digital chassis Blaupunkt that had stopped working. That's parts from 3 seperate TVs in total! Not sure if the Grundig chassis will properly fit inside the Blaupunkt case yet... gonna require some careful thinking and reworking of external controls. I had to use the Blaupunkt case rather than the Loewe CT1170 as the audio amp in the Grundig is 4 ohms. The speakers in the Loewe are 8 ohms so they wouldn't match up. Either way, it was a fun adventure and the image looks AMAZING running GroovyMAME. Probably the best I've seen so far!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the Grundig chassis will last the distance as the flyback and other transformer look really tired. It'll be fun in the meantime though!

Loewe screen + Blaupunkt case + Grundig chassis = big mess!
Produces a sharp, vivid image...
... that is solid and very well focused.

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