Monday, 22 September 2014

Fernseher aus Berlin - Nr. 6

My final CRT scavenging trip in August was pretty epic... I travelling across town to collect a vintage 70 cm Blaupunkt that was defective. I had to catch two trains and go to the top of an apartment block to fetch this baby.

Trolley on train, loaded up with a Fernseher!

Due to it's vintage I was interested to get hold of it and send the chassis back to Australia. Alas, I am at the end of my trip and have no more money! This one is gonna end up on the scrap heap too, unfortunately.

Front (with glass screen removed)
Blaupunkt IS 70-40 VT (chassis 500.30)
The guts
Vintage all the way
Ready for packing?
Philips A66EAK51X01 tube

It's a shame I can't afford to post this home. Would have been a nice little project... Better to save the money for a full blown cab when I get home, I decided.

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