Monday, 22 September 2014

Fernseher aus Berlin - Nr. 2

The second TV that I scored in Berlin was a real fizzer... a little Blaupunkt that didn't have a SCART port! As you can imagine, I was surprised and disappointed to discover this after catching a tram and bus across town to collect it from a lady named Elisa.

Blaupunkt and Ferneherturm
Blaupunkt PM 40-41 (chassis FM 211.02)

Nonetheless, this TV was subjected to an experiment: the dishwasher! This was the first TV I put through the rinse cycle in order to clean the chassis, case and tube. It was the (successful) guinea pig.

Doing the dishes
Squeaky clean chassis!
Post cleaning testing

Shame that this TV doesn't have an RGB input. The picture quality seems great and it has a bunch of analog adjustments. Also, the slightly flatter 15 inch screen was quite stylish.

Philips A36EAM01X01 tube
Sweet snow...

The upshot of collecting this SCART-less Blaupunkt was getting the original remote. This came in real handy for the next Blaupunkt and Grundig televisions that I collected...

Blaupunkt TC 192 remote

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