Monday, 22 September 2014

Fernseher aus Berlin - Nr. 4

Berlin television number 4 was when things got interesting...

Finally I found a sweet analog board capable of driving a 70 cm Black Matrix tube. Also, it was the kind of vintage that is really hard to find in Australia.

This TV was free from a guy named Stephan.

Grundig T 70-740 text (chassis CUC 6310)
Pots galore!
The original Philips A66EAK71X01 tube

At this point I hadn't yet purchased a hand trolley. So, being the dedicated SCART Hunter I carried this baby home on the train! In hindsight, it was a ridiculous move. The ensuing Sciatica is still giving me grief but, boy, this TV gave me a lot of enjoyment to help make up for it! After a tube transplant the picture was awesome...

Before we get to that, here are some pics of the crazy journey home:

The journey
Waiting for the train...
Riding the tube
Taking a break
Outside the S-bahn

The CUC 6310 chassis is really great! It doesn't have daughter boards (making it far easier to service and work with) and has pots for comprehensive geometry adjustment:
  • Vertical size
  • Vertical position
  • Horizontal size
  • Horizontal position
  • Pincushion
  • Trapezium
  • Vertical linearity
To really get it looking good, I dropped in an absolutely stunning A66EAK552X54 from a 100 Hz Loewe I found soon after:

Tube compare
New tube on left, original on right. Notice the contrast difference

Once the tube swap was complete, this TV lived at the end of my bed for the rest of the stay. Hours of Metal Slug 3 and Super Time Force Ultra!

Bed room gaming

Gonna be sad to see this one go... I just don't have the cash to post the chassis home...

Here are some quick and easy pics of Super Time Force Ultra running on this beast:

Super Time Force Ultra title screen
The future...
The past...

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