Monday, 22 September 2014

Fernseher aus Berlin - Nr. 1

Once again, time has flown!

I only have a couple days left in Berlin and it's time to cut and run! Time to dump the TVs I've collected and update the blog with some findings...

My first Berlin TV wasn't anything particularly special except for the fact that it cost nothing and I only had to walk 3 mins down the road to collect it from a woman named Olga...

A short walk
Up the stairs
14 inch Philips
Philips 14PT1542/00

This little unit is a 14 inch Philips with analog controls. It has two trimpots on the chassis: vertical size and horizontal position. Although this doesn't allow for a huge range of picture adjustments, this combination is perfect for GroovyMAME. The vertical size control allows for the picture to be resized for 224, 240 and 256 line modes and the horizontal position control allows for any variance in horizontal centering.

Philips A34EAC01X15 tube
Vertical size pot
Horizontal position pot

Thanks to the small size this TV is great for playing vertical games since it can be easily rotated.

It's not an amazing TV but it's still very solid. It would be a great chassis to mount into a bartop machine because the chassis is a double sided PCB and therefore quite small. Neat!

A few quick screenshots taken with my phone:

WEC Le Mans 24 (set 1)
Konami, 1986
320 × 224 @ 60.000000 Hz
The Berlin Wall
Kaneko, 1991
256 × 224 @ 60.000000 Hz
Metro-Cross (set 1)
Namco, 1985
288 × 224 @ 60.606061 Hz

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