Sunday, 9 September 2012

Why hard rubbish rulez

You can scan eBay all you want but the real treasure is out there on the streets...

Blaupunkt PM 51-43 VT (chassis FM 241.00)

I was riding my bike to a friend's place for dinner and spied this little beauty! Haven't had a chance to plug it in yet but I reckon the fact that the owner placed the remote and manual neatly on top means that this one still goes.

Just goes to show that only a fraction of the SCART TVs out there end up on auction sites. I've never seen one of these on eBay or Gumtree in the last 12 months...

Remote and manual


  1. Sydney streets are full of non-SCART TV's. So many wasted stops to find a boring old TV with RCA connections. Not to mention how many times I've braked suddenly only to discover what I think is a TV is just a wheelie bin knocked over! Keep up the good work, you're blog is the best.

  2. Thanks for the kind words...

    Yes, I once considered taking a tally (ooh, pun) of TVs to work out the ratio of RCA to SCART equipped models that can be found on the street. 50:1? 100:1? Dunno. SCART is definitely a lot scarcer.

    After a while you learn how to spot the Sony and Panasonic models that have no hope of SCART inputs. My ex-girlfriend even got so used to the whole caper that I'd crane my neck to inspect a TV while driving the car and she'd say "it's only a Sharp". We'd get a little closer and, you know what? She'd be right!

  3. thats unreal finding stuff like that. Nice of the owner to place the AND the manual with it.

  4. Nice website! How old are you? I'm 17, and love the old CRT televisions. I collect vintage sets and unusual or cool 13.5" (34cm) sets. When I lived in town (Port Macquarie, NSW), I'd ride my bike around every second afternoon and would find tonnes of sets out on the curb.

    I'm not much of a gamer (though I do have an old XBox), so I don't care whether a television has SCART, RCA or component jacks, but I do have two cool sets with SCART jacks. One is a 13.5" AKAI ATV140 TV/VCR combo with a SCART jack on the rear and RCA on the front. I got it from a dumpster at school.
    The other is a 14" THOMSON TS-3652 colour set from the 1980's, with a SCART jack on the rear. Got that from my grandparents. Here's my Youtube video for it:

    I also have a tonne of other Youtube videos for my CRT televisions. My account is: Fairlane500skyliner.