Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tube scavenging

Picked up a Loewe C T1170 today for $0. Lovely old lady passed it on to me after her son insisted on buying her an LCD.

The Loewe E3000 has fantastic image quality but it isn't so good when it comes to non-standard video modes. In particular, refresh rates that deviate from 50/60 Hz challenge it and it's impossible (as far as I know) to get 240+ vertical lines to display correctly.

Nevertheless, the Philips A66EAK071X11 tubes in these TVs are awesome! Lovely and black, high contrast images...

I picked up this unit with the plan to do a tube swap into an an older Blaupunkt IS 70 - 33 VT. I'll just pop the yoke off and slip the older yoke from the Blaupunkt on. Almost feels wrong to gut this TV in order to steal the tube but the awesome combination of analog Grundig chassis and later model Black Matrix Philips tube is too much to resist!

Loewe CT1170 (front)
Beautiful non-100 Hz snow!
Loewe CT 1170 - E3000/Black Standard
Philips A66EAK071X11 tube
E3000 chassis

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