Wednesday, 12 September 2012

CUC 6300 tated

Gave the the little 51cm Blaupunkt I found on Sunday a quick and dirty test.

My ThinkPad W500 has an ATI card in there but it's a newer generation that doesn't support low dot clocks so it can't do all the lovely native resolutions I'm used to with GroovyMAME. However, it's still pretty cool for testing out the image quality of a newly found TV.

The Blaupunkt PM 51-43 VT has the FM 241.00 chassis which is equivalent to a Grundig CUC 6300. Pretty cool... analog controls inside but not many of them. It has the all important vertical size control but I find the lack of pincushion adjustment disappointing. The geometry on these chassis is frustratingly close to perfect. Just a a little bit of pincushion tweaking and it'd be absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, that's not possible with the CUC 6300 board.

Anyway, I always like to rotate smaller screens when I test them out. So much easier to turn these smaller units on their side that a big ass 68cm momma!

Quite a tidy little unit... Really, the CUC 6300 makes for a pretty nice arcade monitor substitute.

Air Duel (title screen)
Air Duel (in game)
Exerion (title screen)
Exerion (in game)


  1. Hi.

    Do you have the same 15khz resolution in your laptop?

  2. I have Soft-15kHz installed on my laptop. Works okay with the inbuilt ATi except that the lower resolutions don't work properly. Still useful for testing.

  3. how i adjust horizontal on this tv?

  4. From memory, I don't think there is a trimpot for the H-size. There may be a width coil, I don't know. Since I was using GroovyMAME, I could just adjust the monitor specs to get to the width right.

    Most of the smaller SCART TVs don't have any control over width. Most large sizes (e.g. 70 cm) do.