Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Vintage Blaunpunkt

I recently saw a vintage, wood grain laminate Blaupunkt FM 100-20 CW on eBay. Although the auction stated that the TV was not in working order, I couldn't resist having a relic like this in my lounge room! Was quite an adventure collecting the unit as it was a fair hike out of the city, up in the hills. The old gent that sold it to me was very friendly and asked lots of questions about my SCART activities. On the way out of town, my car decided not to start and, thankfully, the seller came to my rescue! Such a great guy... Another wonderful little story along the path to vintage CRT heaven!

As it turns out this Blaupunkt doesn't even have a SCART port! No worry, I'm hoping it'll be possible to gut it and stuff the chassis and tube from a newer Grundig variation in there. I just love the idea of a vintage case crammed with a chassis capable of delivering a modern picture. Fingers crossed for when I take to it with a screw driver later this week!

Wood grain Blaupunkt
Front view
Control panel
No SCART here!
Blaupunkt FM 100-20 CW