Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Off topic: SCART Hunter needs your help!

Hey all! Aside from spending my time geeking out with vintage TVs, I also play in a rawk 'n' roll band called The Hidden Venture. Recently we entered a video competition for RØDE Microphones and today we found out that our video was short listed! Out of the 500+ entries we made it into the Top 10! YES!

Anyway, it would be great if anyone that has read my blog in the past and perhaps got something out of it took 30 secs to help me out. The grand prize is pretty juicy so we're all really keen to make a proper go of this!

You can click here to vote for The Hidden Venture. To register your vote, you can sign up to the RØDE site or simply use your Facebook login. Thanks guys!

TV on the TV
P.S. - The video does feature a television set (pretty sure it's not SCART equipped), albeit briefly... Oh, and I'm the guy wearing the green Milo T-shirt in case you're wondering. ;)

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