Thursday, 5 July 2012

GroovyUME (MAME & MESS combined!)

Calamity (the man behind GroovyMAME) recently posted a build of GroovyUME which is a combined build of MAME and MESS featuring the modeline engine of GroovyMAME. I have to say, this is pretty damn cool! Along with all the usual GroovyMAME stuff (native resolutions and refresh rates) for arcade games, we can now play SNES, NES, Megardrive, C64, etc. games on our CRTs using the same amazing technology that allows for perfectly smooth scrolling and animation. Amazing!

As a side note, it's interesting to see SNES and Megadrive games running in progressive modes. Perhaps the purists would say that we should be playing these games in an interlaced mode (as would have been the case using a modulated signal from the original hardware) but they look pretty damn fine to me!

Mega Drive (info screen)
Sonic the Hedgehog (title screen)
Sonic the Hedgehog (in game)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (info screen)
Donkey Kong Country (title screen)
Donkey Kong Country (in game)


  1. Anything that improves emualtion accuracy helps video game preservation, which is a good thing.

  2. I am pretty sure the Mega Drive console outputs everything as a PROGRESSIVE video, no matter if I use RF, composite or RGB. Also my ZX Spectrum is progressive (RF only though). So, of course, you want to have all these games running at progressive modes. Interlaced picture sucks anyway (that's why I am not using Xbox for emulators) - too much flicker.

  3. question is, why is the newsposter thinking that PURISTS want interlace? of course it never was interlace and know that.

  4. My mistake. I only ever played consoles using an RF modulator when I was a kid and certainly didn't know anything about progressive versus interlace. I always assumed everything was flickery and blurry back then but turns out I was wrong.

    Nice thing about this hobby is that you're always learning. :)