Saturday, 24 March 2012

A sorry end for our tubby tellies

Political commentator Annabel Crabb has written a story for the The Age newspaper about the sad demise of TVs. Of course, she's not writing from the perspective of a nostalgic CRT freak like me but she makes some great observations about the current state of affairs that range from the humorous to the troubling. I love this paragraph:

"Spare a thought for burglars, who now face urgent professional development challenges. What's the point of nicking a television when the streets are already full of them?"

Read the article online here.

Also, this article reminded me of a post by David Viens, one of the Plogue developers: Analog TV Death toll.

Anyway, despite all the teary eyes, the figures mentioned in the article suggest that 2012 should be a bumper year for the SCART Hunter!

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  1. Sounds like the current boon of quality CRTs will fade once that government recycling plan comes in. Better keep stockpiling now!