Tuesday, 13 March 2012

2 Glens and $2

A Loewe from Glen Waverley and a Grundig from Glen Iris all in one round trip! No time to plug these in until the weekend, unfortunately.

The Loewe must be the earliest I've tried yet and Grundig is a 50/60 Hz chassis with and flatter ESF type tube (the Phillips EAKs are noticeably rounder than this). Gonna be a fun Saturday morning!

Oh, each cost $0.99! Although the Grundig owner was too proud to take my $1 coin...

New friends: Loewe and Grundig
Older Phillips EAK tube... same casing as a Loewe CT1170.
Newer, flatter Phillips ESF tube.
Loewe Contur 770 (chassis type C9300)
Grundig ST 72-860 NIC/TOP (chassis type CUC 2031
There not the analogue dream machines like the Grundig CUC 4635 I last wrote about but I'm still expecting good things from these beauties!


  1. Hey. Great blog you got going. :)
    How did you find the ST72-860? I have one of those and find it is quite good but focus on the sides is a bit weak. Mine also needs a flyback :(
    Do you have any pictures of the original flyback in the unit you have?


  2. Hey Joe (great song...)

    Yeah, Grundigs tend not to be pin-sharp around the edges. I seem to remember this model being pretty good though... it's long gone from my collection so I can't check any details for you.

    Perhaps the ol' cap kit and flyback replacement combo might help, I don't know.

    When it comes to focus, finding a balance between brightness, contrast and focus is something to work on. You can often sacrifice a little contrast for better focus.

  3. Hi

    I have the contrast down to reduce blurriness. TV was good but I guess its on its way to the dump now. I also have a Hantarex monitor with a videocolor A66EAS00X01 but have no idea what model is the chassis. Picture seems quite good but needs some adjustments for overscan. Seems to have a decent amount of pots. The blacks are not as good as the grundig though.

    Again great blog and awesome insight into the different type of tubes. Im going to take your idea and mod the hantarex with outside pots. :)

    Looking forward to read a more of your findings.

  4. Good pickups! I know this is an old post, but I have 4 Loewe TVs that I want to recap. Do you guys have any pointers on where to buy caps? Is there any kits out threre or is it a matter of writing all the values down and picking them manually online?

  5. Hey! Yeah, I have a spreadsheet that I use to record all the cap values (uF, voltage, diameter, etc.) Then, I have script that counts them all up. From there, I create a BOM for Digikey or Mouser.

    Consumer TVs usually have way more caps than an arcade chassis. Recapping a Loewe would be a pretty epic job. I thinking that would take most of your Saturday. ;)