Saturday, 10 March 2012

Second chance at a Grundig CUC 4635

By far my favourite SCART TV chassis to date was the Grundig CUC 4635 that I managed to fry by powering up with the H and V yoke inputs unplugged. I tried to be philosophical about the loss ("why be upset about the loss of something that cost $0?") but, really, I was pretty down after that. How could I have been so stupid?!

Amazingly, a fellow SCART junky from Germany offered to sent me a CUC 4635 chassis in the mail! What started as a passing comment on a forum quickly snowballed into a TV being purchased, torn apart and the chassis being packed into a cardboard box. I haven't heard if the package has made the post yet but, either way, it makes for a great story! Check out the images and read the back story here.

The original article:

Grundig ST 1470/9 text

Then, stripped bare:

Comfy in the car...

Phillips A66EAK22X01 tube
Ooh! Look at that!

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