Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Last Gamer's house

Today I dropped off a few prime SCART televisions to a well known game collector... I think the pictures probably speak for themselves!

Double woah!
Is that an Amiga I spy?
Nice Marantz amp!
This is serious...
A few games...
More stock than an average shop in the '80s!
No idea what this is but it looks so damn cool!
My contribution...
Beautiful Blaupunkt with a motorised stand!
A truly impressive collection! Can't wait to return when the planned 15 CRTs (1 per console) are all hooked up. The mind boggles!


  1. Nice work, hours of fun to be had.

  2. Good Day Scart Hunter

    Do you perhaps have an email address that I can contact you on? I have a few rather technical questions regarding CRT's & Retro Consoles.

    Thanks for your time!

    Kind Regards


  3. Hey Derron!

    I don't know that much about consoles so you may as well post your question right here. That way, other CRTs & consoles users will see your question too!


  4. Hey mate,

    I'm having some serious convergence issues with a PVM 2730QM I recently acquired. That's the main concern, there are some minor geometry niggles as well. Anyway, after taking a look at the manual and messing about with the purity rings and some home made convergence strips i'm convinced that this repair job is beyond me.

    If your interested i'd love to have you come by and take a look at the set (for a fee of course!), otherwise i'll probably just end up junking this set. Although I prefer CRTs in almost every way, Plasmas definitely dont have this many geometry issues.

    Let me know, very muich hoping you can help.


    1. Hey Anthony!

      I don't have any experience with setting up convergence. Pretty much all the tubes I've messed with have had the Philips moulded yokes.

      I've seen some awesome PVMs in action so maybe you'd be best to keep an eye on eBay and get hold of one that you know is really healthy.

      CRTs are worth persevering with...