Tuesday, 26 March 2013

BANG! & Olufsen

Found a beautiful looking Bang & Olufsen LX 2802 on eBay recently. The seller had listed it as "For parts or not working" but after some enquiries it turned to be working.

$20 dollars later it was mine! However, 5 mins later this amazing looking machine – that had survived from the late '80s and cost $12,000 new – sustained a nasty injury... the TV tipped over in the back of the wagon at the red lights and the smoked glassed cracked. Nasty!

Bang & Olufsen LX 2802
Oh, the shame!
I was pretty pissed off at myself but it turned out I shouldn't have worried too much. After leaving the unit on for around 15 mins the deflection totally collapsed. Just a faint dot in the middle of the screen. Shame. This TV seemed really promising: B&O quality, great cosmetics and analog adjustment pots on the inside. This model would look like a great contender for GroovyMAME usage since the vertical size has the potential to be controlled by a retrofitted external knob.

This one is probably gonna go in the bin. However, I'll make sure to upload some photos of the insides before that happens though...

Oh well. Another near miss.

BeoVision LX 2802 info at Beoworld
BeoVision LX 2802 info at BeoPhile

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