Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sharp! PAL only with RGB

A curious little 20 inch TV arrived on my doorstep yesterday through a series of events.

A reader got in touch with me about a Loewe CT1170 he found on the street (nice score! E3000 mmm...) and he mentioned that he'd like something smaller for his apartment. Luckily, I had a neat little 34 cm Loewe at hand so we did a deal.

I ended up with some dollars for my baby Loewe and also an old Sharp TV that the buyer no longer wanted. He said that it was SCART equipped (with RGB input) but PAL only. And he was right! This is the first SCART television that I've found that won't sync to 60 Hz modes. However, the PAL preset in GroovyMAME works a treat with this thing! Jerky scrolling but at least it works.

Shame about the 60 Hz restriction as the picture is actually pretty nice on this thing!

Obviously I'll be pulling the back off this thing soon to see if there are any trimpots inside... more pictures to come!

Street Fighter II
Cal. 50
Caliber Fifty
Close up

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  1. Hey mate, I tried out the Grundig with some PAL sources and it completely eliminates the wobble. I think the thing might not officially support NTSC, since in the service menu only PAL is selectable.