Monday, 30 September 2013

Things you see when you don't have a gun

Hanging out in Dunedin, NZ currently...

Saw these tasty little curiosities in a second hand store last week:

Commodore 1084S

These Commodore monitors go for $100+ in Melbourne. Wish I could fit this one in my suitcase...

Model No. CBZ-4822

There's the SCART!

I don't know much about GoldStar TVs. Certainly wasn't expecting this dusty $5 job to have a SCART port. Amazingly, the little Sharp sitting beneath it was SCART too!

Model: CV-48A4NZ
Next in line was this little beauty!

Thomson Life
Sugar V - Type: 426/TX807C
That's what we like to see...
I would have loved to cart all these units home and fire them up! I reckon my in-laws wouldn't have been too pleased about that though, loading up their lovely Dunedin home with dusty old TVs. They do have a rather empty garden shed though...

This shop was full of all sorts of crap. I reckon these TVs will still be there on my next visit... as long as the place doesn't fall down! I'll be packing a VGA to SCART cable next time, just in case.

South Dunedin shop front.. slight structural problem!
Little gems
Over the road there were some cute little portable TVs. No SCART but still pretty cool. Plus, I saw a little Philips identical to the TV I had when I was kid, playing Paradoid on my Commodore 64. Sweet!
Ah, the memories!
Back in town, I could hardly believe that Modaks Espresso coffee shop had two working arcade cabs in the back room! Both set to "free play" to boot! Pity the monitors were completely shot.

Toki! The "1 player" button was actually "jump".
Street Fighter II... blurry!
Door bell?!
There are also a bunch of "takeaways" shops that are sporting cabs too!

Overall, Dunedin ain't so bad when it comes to SCART and arcade hunting!

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