Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bang & Olufsen LX 2802 destruction

After getting over the debacle I had with the Bang and Olufsen LX 2802 a couple weeks ago, I decided I'd gut the thing and see what was inside it before I took it to the e-waster container down the road:

Input board
Spot the pots!
More pot shots
Pots up close
The whole TV is constructed in a modular way
Check out those fat gold caps!
RF board
Flyback and power input
Philips A66EAK50X02 tube
Finally, the speakers in this TV are pretty awesome! Far nicer than those found in a Grundig or Loewe. The cool thing is that the 2-way speaker system is contained in it's own ported package. I pulled them out and hooked them up to my Denon amp. Sounded pretty good!

LX 2802 sound system!
Overall, I reckon the B&O LX2802 would be an awesome TV for use with GroovyMAME. There are plenty of image controls that could be patched to external pots and the build quality is sensational. Combined with the excellent sound system and wonderful aesthetics this is killer SCART television.


  1. When I read "destruction" I was afraid of seeing a hammer appearing at some point while scrolling down. Fortunately it is more of a deconstruction post.

  2. Nice showcase, certainly has an impressive sound system. Looks like the flyback board has gotten pretty hot.