Monday, 19 November 2012

Regrets... I've had a few!

I was looking through my jumbo folder of SCART Hunter resources and found some photos of a lovely little number that I had in my possession for a brief time. I found this Blaupunkt on the nature strip during an epic hard rubbish hunt. Same chassis type as my other Blaupunkts (Grundig CUC 5630) but with a smaller screen. Looking back, it was pretty foolish to get rid of this little ripper! The improved focus and definition of a smaller tube is quite noticeable compared to the larger A66EAK tubes that are in most of the TVs I've still got.

Back when my TV collection numbered 25+, something drastic had to happen and so this little Blaupunkt was one of the first to go in the effort to reclaim some living space. When I made that call I had no idea that I'd come to think that analog chassis TVs were the ultimate way to go. In fact, I can remember thinking this TV was useless because it had no service menu to adjust the geometry! Foolish! Oh well... live and learn!

SCART port
Blaupunkt IS 63-33 VT (chassis FM 310.32)
Final Fight
Golden Axe
Metal Slug
Street Fighter II
Rainbow Islands

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  1. Quick question - what is better about analogue pots/chassis vs service menu geometry settings? I'm getting an old AE-1 Sony tonight which is analogue chassis.
    Cheers, Andy :)