Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Long, red toy

A while back I ordered one of those green, Chinese made degauss wands from eBay. I was hoping to fix up the discoloration on the Blaupunkt I modified before taking the final screenshots for my blog. After spending 15 mins changing the plug to an Australian type, I plugged the wand in and was very disappointed to discover that it had no effect. Bummer.

I hunted around for a deluxe model but the only other tool available also seemed a little on the cheap side. Because I'm impatient to fix the problem, I went ahead a blew some more dollars...

Good thing is that this one works! I tried it out on a Loewe that we have at work and all seems good. Can't wait to see if it clears up my Blaupunkt! I'll be reporting back soon...

Looks suspicious, no?!

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