Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another purge...

Finally made some time to cleanse my work room of some the debris that had been building up in the there over the last couple months. I was sad to see some of it go (you never know when you'll need some multicolored interconnect...) but, overall, it felt good to purge. Was getting chaotic in there!

Tubes, chassis and wires!
I actually "necked" a yoke-free Philips A66EAK while pulling stuff out of the car at the rubbish dump. Was a little frightening as there was a crazy rush of gas when the glass tubing broke. Quite dramatic! Luckily it wasn't a tube of value...

The unhappy ending for discarded TVs...
In other news, I got around to trying out a tiny Sanyo I found on the side of the street a while back. I couldn't get an image using my home-made VGA to SCART cable but it fired up just fine using my new Arcade Forge UMSA. Looks pretty nice actually!

Tiny Sanyo (Pulstar on screen)

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