Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good Friday Scavenging (Part 1)

My girlfriend decided to work on Good Friday (crazy... nobody works on this day!) so I took the opportunity to cruise the hard rubbish happening near her work. Of course, I'm always looking for analog chassis TVs these days but I've also been stockpiling VGA cables to build VGA-to-SCART leads for people who have requested them in the past.

I'm pleased to say that I found some pretty cool stuff on my travels! I'll have to detail this in instalments but check out this gem as a starter:

Front (note the glass cover is missing)
Back... I love the futuristic design!
Bang & Olufsen MX 4002
Bruised and battered but definitely useful for parts. In particular, the 51cm Philips tube will hopefully be transplanted into a 51cm Grundig (CUC 6300 chassis) that I also found yesterday. The Grundig works great but has nasty gravel rash in the middle of the Orion screen. Me thinks it was face down on a concrete slab at some point.

More to come...


  1. Hi there - how much is a tv like this secind hand?

  2. Depends if you can find one! If you're in Europe, they're not that hard to come across and might cost <$100.